Assistant Plumber

Assistant Plumber

AG Installations Ltd. is an established company with more than twenty years of experience and employing 100 employees. We specialise in electrical and mechanical installations of exceptional quality for residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Our firm is swiftly expanding and as part of this expansion, a vacancy has arisen in our Engineering department for the post of an Assistant Plumber .

The post is a permanent position, and we are looking for the following requirements:

  • Provide support and assistance to the skilled plumbers.
  • General work assisting the plumber including site preparation and clearance and maintaining general site tidiness and assisting as directed by the plumber.
  • Performing tasks as directed by the Supervisor to include assisting in working on plumbing systems. This will include assisting with installations, inspections, diagnosing problems/faults/leaks, testing, repair and maintenance of pipes, fixtures and other water and plumbing systems used anywhere for water distribution and waste disposal.
  • As directed by the Supervisor to assist with storage, lifting, fetching supplies, unload and check deliveries, and undertaking tasks to assisting plumber generally.
  • Assisting in identifying hazards, defects and the need for adjustment or repair; to ensure compliance with agreed codes, law, working practices and health and safety.
  • Adhere to all organisation policies and procedures, including those relating to hygiene, respect for other team members, time keeping and flexibility.
  • the candidate is responsible for his allocated work programme and must meet all targets as agreed with his Supervisor.
  • the candidate must contribute towards the smooth running of the organisation generally.
  • the candidate will involve travel to sites within the agreed area.
  • the candidate is responsible for the equipment provided for personal use in job role.
  • the candidate is obliged to use all safety equipment or personal protective equipment provided.
  • the candidate is responsible for ensuring that the equipment in use is maintained and ready to be always used/operated.

Key Skills Required:

  • good spoken English
  • A minimum of 2 years experience
  • Demonstrates sound knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials common to the trade.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of applicable codes, standards, and regulations for this role
  • Must be flexible and willing to work as part of a team.
  • Must be friendly and approachable.
  • Must understand and deliver good customer service.
  • Must have a good eye for detail.
  • Having a full driving licence would be considered as an asset.

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